Learning Management System

simplEtraining's "Inspired" LMS Robust and Affordable Learning Management Softwares

The Inspired Learning Management System

iLMS is a highly mature flexible, scalable and reliable eLearning platform, capable of supporting over a hundred thousand employees on a single dedicated instance, as well as providing cost effective cloud based services for smaller organisations.

Customize to your needs.

Highly Customisable Portal

The portal is highly customisable to meet your organisation's branding, cultural and messaging requirements, it supports industry standard SCORM and AICC compliant content from a wide range of vendors and your subscription includes comprehensive system support.

Smartly Coded & Maintained.

Developed in-house

Developed in-house, the iLMS is a powerful Enterprise Grade Learning Management System which provides an extremely simple user interface, designed to deliver eLearning programmes with no employee/user training at all in up to 21 languages!

Flexible & Customizable.

Highly Scalable Deployment Options

iLMS provides highly scalable deployment options, including fully managed and client managed models;

  • Shared Cloud Based SaaS Model – for smaller cost conscious organisations
  • Dedicated Cloud Based SaaS Model – for medium sized organisations
  • Customer Premise Based – in-house infrastructure deployment aimed at corporate clients

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Reduces LMS Administrator workload

Specifically designed to reduce LMS Administrator workload, the iLMS incorporates a wealth of features designed to make eLearning setup, day-to-day tasks and programme reporting simple, straight-forward and highly efficient.

Many features, such as chasing up delinquent students and producing compliance status reports are highly automated to reduce administrative overhead. Reminders are automatically sent to only those students that have not completed certain courses, either on a regular basis or as the course due date approaches. We nickname this feature the "auto-nag"!

The hierarchical administrative model allows distributed responsibility to co-exist with powerful centralised programme control and reporting features.

Simple and Clean Interface

The iLMS Administrator's interface is simple and clean, with many preconfigured tools to create and apply curricula or individual courses to groups of employees or individuals based on organisational or role criteria.

Simple to use, the iComposer WYSIWYG tool provides an impressive end user course content authoring and development framework and presentation importing capability, without the deployment of expensive content authoring software and skills development required to produce basic courseware.

The iLMS features an extensive survey, quiz and testing engine, which is highly compatible with leading content development tools, featuring advanced features such as question and answer randomisation.

Simple integration model

Advanced API and Single Sign On, as well as LDAP and automated Bulk Update capabilities provide a simple integration model with Corporate IT systems and HR and Talent Management systems.

Extendable Application Architecture provides an optional comprehensive e-commerce capability so the iLMS can offer paid course content to your subscribers, which can self-register and pay for the courses you with zero administrative intervention.

The iLMS is used by many of the world's largest and best known corporations to simplify their Learning Management service delivery programmes and ensure their employee data is extremely safe and secure through daily back-ups and industrial strength security.

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