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iLMS Learning Management System Benefits

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iLMS Learning Management System Benefits

Top quality learning management system at an affordable price

Reduced Costs

By outsourcing some or all of your eLearning development or converting your instructor-led training you can generate incredible savings. With our solution there is no need to invest in servers or software, instructor time is eliminated and there are no travel expenses or time wasted on coordinating a myriad of schedules

Pay-As-You-Go System

Fixed costs can become a huge burden during bad times. Keep your training and eLearning costs variable with our Pay-As-You-Go system. You can purchase as many or as few licenses as you want and use them as needed. Licenses can be purchased for as little as £2.31 per student!

Low Development Fees / Quick Turnaround Time

Because the simplEtraining LMS is database and template driven, we can integrate course content very quickly and for very reasonable prices. Contact us today for a quote.

Just-in-Time Web-based Training

Put students in the driver's seat by allowing them to take training at a pace they are comfortable with, when and where it is convenient for them, at work, at home or anywhere they have an Internet connection. No more being late for class, waiting for other students to figure things out or listening to things you already know.

Faster Learning

With eLearning students will learn up to twice as much in half the time that they would in classroom training. This is because the course progresses as fast as the student can learn without worry for other students or an instructor.

Consistent Instruction

Every instructor has his or her own style, which may not be best for student learning. Some days the instructor is in top form and delivers a great class. Other days he or she may be bored, tired or simply unmotivated. With eLearning the course is software driven so each student receives the same high quality content.

Higher Levels of Retention

Well designed eLearning can increase retention over instructor-led training by up to 40% .

Greater Levels of Assessment

With an eLearning Solution student activity can be tracked down to the finest level. Every student response to quizzes, simulations and exams can be tracked and fed into customizable reports. This means you have a greater ability to track real ROI than ever before and students can be held more accountable than they ever have been in the past.

No Travel Expenses

With web-based training there is no need to coordinate hundreds of different and conflicting schedules and no need to pay for student travel to a training site. The training goes to you when you need it.

No Need for a Classroom

Are you leasing classroom space and paying for endless upgrades to a set of computers that are rarely ever used? With eLearning the classroom comes to you just when you need it, for just as long as you need it.

Simplified Training Management

By uniting an Inspired eLearning course with the Inspired Learning Management System, you can virtually automate the training process for a given course. Simply import user accounts, establish rules, such as the time a user has to complete the course, and assign users to courses. Then let the software do the rest. This is management by exception and it will save you incredible amounts of time.

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