Lifecycle Data Management

Complete Employee Data Lifecycle Training

Teach employees to protect the privacy and security of information throughout the Data Lifecycle.

Protect Information at Each Stage

From the moment information enters or is created within your organization you are responsible for managing it. Among other things that means identifying sensitive information, safeguarding it and properly destroying it once it is no longer needed and legal to do so.

To effectively carry this out, and steer clear of legal action, fines and bad press, you must rely on your workforce to make good decisions every day. This training program is designed to teach your employees to protect the privacy and security of sensitive information throughout the data lifecycle, while helping your organization fully comply with laws, regulations and standards governing privacy, security and data and records retention.

All of the courses below can be purchased as a single Data Lifecycle Training Library for a substantially reduced rate.

Data and Records Retention

Data inside organizations is growing at a rate of about 125% per year and yet only about 20% of that data is actually used to conduct business. Your employees need to be trained to only create data and records that are needed to conduct business, as well as how to properly and legally dispose of information when it is no longer needed. This will not only lower your administrative burden, but will also make electronic discovery much less costly in the event of a lawsuit.

Privacy Awareness Library

Almost everyday, an organization makes headlines by inadvertently releasing private, sensitive information to the public. Keep your customers' trust and comply with laws, regulations and industry standards by training employees to recognize and protect private information. Whether you are considering privacy training for compliance with DPA, GLBA, HIPAA, Privacy Act, PCI or simply as a best practice, our fully customizable privacy training library is a great place to start.

Security Awareness Library

Training end users to be human firewalls by learning to recognize and respond to security threats is an accepted security best practice. Our role-based security awareness training program enjoys wide industry acceptance and can help your organization comply with laws, regulations, and standards, such as DPA, GLBA, Sarbanes Oxley, PCI, HIPAA and others.

It is easily customizable and can be deployed on our hosted LMS platform or an any SCORM or AICC compliant LMS.

All of the courses above can be purchased as a single Data Lifecycle Training Library for a substantially reduced rate.

Target Audience

This training program is targeted towards all organizations that collect and maintain private, confidential, or otherwise sensitive information. Regulated industry sectors such as healthcare, financial services, and publicly traded companies benefit from the code compliance aspect of this program, while all other organizations benefit from following generally accepted best practices and reducing the risk of data leaks and the accompanying bad press, brand and reputational damage and potential for lawsuits and fines.
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