Bespoke Training

Customized Courses and Bespoke eTraining

Custom eLearning Course Development

simplEtraining and Inspired eLearning collaborate directly with your organization to create custom eLearning courses that work, meaning courses that deliver tangible business benefits, such as reducing the cost of training programs, ensuring legal compliance, or increasing sales, productivity, or customer satisfaction.

eLearning Professional Services

What We Can Do for You

Work with Subject Matter Experts to Write Your Content from Scratch

Effective training starts with real world knowledge that learners can put to use immediately. Our instructional designers can work with your subject matter experts to capture the material, organize it, and present it in the clearest and most engaging way possible.

Update Your Existing Course Content

You may already have course content that you want converted to eLearning, such as instructor-led material, a PowerPoint® presentation, or an outdated eLearning course. Our instructional designers can take this material and update or rewrite it following adult learning theory and best practices for delivering eLearning content.

Create Visual Storyboards for Your Approval

Our job is to realize your vision. To that end, we seek your collaboration and approval at each stage in the process. The storyboard includes all of the visual elements to be used in course pages, interactivities, and simulations and provides you with the course's "look and feel" before it is created. This ensures we build it right the first time.

Build Graphics, Interactivities, and Simulations

Once the storyboard is approved we go about building the eLearning course content using standard, broadly compatible technologies suitable for low or high bandwidth delivery, such as Adobe® Flash® and XML.

Host and Track Your Course Content on Our Learning Management System

After the content is given final approval we can upload it to the iLMS (Inspired Learning Management System), which can be used as a platform to deliver, track, and manage your courses. You can see which learners have completed the training, track their progress, and generate custom reports.

Install the Course Content on Your SCORM or AICC Complaint LMS

If you already are using an LMS, we can configure your custom course to install on any SCORM or AICC compliant LMS.

Translate the Courses into Any Language

Our course "engine" technology was built with multilingual requirements in mind using broadly compatible Adobe® Flash® and XML technology. We can easily translate your course content into any language including those with multi-byte characters, such as Japanese and Chinese.

Provide World-Class Support

An Inspired eLearning Project Manager is a phone call or an email away. We don't set up our customers with a generic support line. We connect you to a real live person who will be with you for the length of your contract.

Assist in Program Evaluation

Setting clear course objectives that are in line with your business goals at the beginning of a project is a key part of our overall eLearning Development Process. We can help you gather and evaluate information to help you measure the performance of your eLearning courses and, when necessary, suggest strategies to enhance program performance.

Your Highly Affordable, Turn-Key, Full Service eLearning Solution Provider

Our training programs have been used by over 1,000,000 learners and have received rave reviews from organizations such as ADP, Johnson Controls, Bridgestone Firestone, Hearst Corporation, MedImpact, and Northeast Utilities, just to name a few.

We are trusted by Fortune 500 organizations to produce the high quality yet affordable course content needed to roll out successful training programs quickly and efficiently. Our professional services team can conduct a needs analysis, author original training material, produce highly engaging and interactive eLearning content, deploy your training, and provide you with world-class service and support.

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