Audit, Assessment, Analytics and Answers

Q. Having an effective Security Awareness Programme is great for your peace of mind, but just how effective is the programme?

Q. Knowing your employees are prepared to deal with the most prevalent threats is very reassuring but which threat vectors are they least prepared to deal with?

A. Our Assessment, Enhanced Analytics and Reporting capabilities provide you with actionable metrics and intelligence to understand your organisation’s subject matter maturity and pinpoint areas of concern, in order to augment your Security Awareness Training Programme, by role, region, department or even to drill down to individuals.

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Advanced Assessment

Deploy our multi-topic baseline Security Awareness Training courses, which feature a pre-test and post-course assessment, to understand the effectiveness of the learning experience.

Prescriptive Supplements

Use our short, engaging and highly interactive iModule single topic focussed training modules to supplement learning with pinpoint accuracy based on identified vulnerability or specific training requirements related to role or threat exposure.
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Evolution through Adaptive Learning

As your Security Awareness Training Programme evolves, your employees and your organisation will benefit from our Adaptive Learning technology, which both reduces overhead on the individual and the business by bypassing topics the employee can demonstrate proficiency, maximising efficiency.
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